Chinese cuisine MANZAN-EN

Commitment to homemade egg noodles, Shinshu Matsumoto's well-established ramen shop

RecommendationManzan-men 800yen, Soy source soup ramen 600yen, Dumplings (4 pieces) 400yen, Gomoku fried rice & small portion ramen set 1,050yen, Edible chili oil.
DetailsWe have been serving mainly "Manzan-men","Soysource soup ramen" since 1927, which are used of "Handmade egg noodles". Chinese banquet can be accepted on tatami room. Using "domestic organic vegetables and dried shrimps", "Eating rice oil" is also a hidden gem. Because it does not use garlic etc. at all, it is popular with women.
Address1-30-12 Asamaonsen, Matsumoto-city[Map]